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You’re not defined by a number on a scale.

But feeling whole means considering healthy, weight-conscious lifestyles. And should health concerns such as diabetes or sleep apnea begin to affect your daily life, it’s important to take a step back, assess your current health, and take proper steps to get it back on track. If your body mass index (BMI) is more than 40 — or more than 30 with related health conditions — medical weight loss could be just the solution you need to help you break through to your health goals.

Our medical weight-loss experts at AdventHealth Daytona Beach, formerly Florida Hospital Memorial Medical Center, can guide you in exploring all options and deciding which is best for you. We’ll always put your whole-health first, meaning before we create your individualized wellness plan, we’ll consider every aspect of your medical background, weight-loss mindset, and current lifestyle, including your diet and fitness habits, stress factors, and your own personal body image.

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Is Bariatric Surgery Right for You?

We all know what we need to do to live healthier and lose weight: develop healthier eating habits and get moving more often. But if you’ve reached a point where your weight is leading to serious health issues, or there are factors beyond your everyday lifestyle that are making it hard to manage your weight, no matter how much salad you eat or how many steps you get in, then it could be time to explore medical weight-loss procedures.

As leaders in bariatric surgical options, AdventHealth Daytona Beach, formerly Florida Hospital Memorial Medical Center, specializes in procedures such as minimally invasive bariatric surgery. We’ll begin your personalized assessment by walking you through our bariatric surgery criteria and helping you decide whether you’re a good candidate for our advanced weight loss surgeries, using factors like your BMI, age, and related health conditions.

Then, we’ll create your step-by-step treatment plan, together with our bariatric doctors and weight-loss specialists. Our solutions offer hope and a step toward a healthier lifestyle when you’re struggling with weight issues that are taking over your life. With an experienced staff behind you and a supportive environment around you, you’ll find the personalized, whole-person support you need within our vast network of care.

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Dr. Christian Birkedal is a board certified General Surgeon specializing in medical weight loss and Bariatric Surgery. He also serves as the medical director of bariatric services at AdventHealth Daytona Beach.

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